Number Bonds

I understand that according to Bruner's theory of CPA progression (C: Concrete, P: Pictorial, A: Abstract), children have to be given concrete materials to 'play' with.

I have found a way of teaching number bonds using number rods. The number rods vary in length according to the quantity the number represents. Therefore, if children are doing number bond 5, they will be given number rods 1 - 5 to work with.

Number Bond 5

Material needed: Number Rods

Number Bond 10

This is my first time in contact with number rods. I started clueless about how to use it. As I started playing it making number bond 5, I found out that it helps children see the pattern the rods make. The number rod 5 serves as a guide. As children make 1 and 4, they will see the rods fit exactly the same length as the red number rod 5. Children will also notice that is they made the wrong pair to make 5, the rods combined would be taller than or shorter than the number rod 5. It helped the children in self checking.

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