Fun with Numbers - Cover It Up!

Fun with Numbers

Activity 2 (24 September 2013)

Cover it Up!

Materials needed: Container, one inch wooden cubes, Jumbo die with numerals 1-6, 12 square grids
                              (1 for each child).

Children will take turns rolling the jumbo die. They figure out the number shown, taking a matching number of cubes. Then place the cubes on the grid that they have. Players keep on playing until their grids are full.

Step 1: Player A rolls the Jumbo die and figures out the number on the card. Then, takes that many   wooden cubes and places them on a grid.

Step 2: Player B and so on will each take their turns.

Step 3: The players will go on until they complete filling up the grid.

Variations: Increase the number of squares on the grid. Use numerals for greater numbers in for the Jumbo die.

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